Beware The Storm Chasers!

It’s September, which means we do not have much time before it starts to get nasty outside. Snow storms, rain storms, wind storms, just about everything gets thrown at us here in Haverhill, MA. With that, however, comes some bad news to the area; Storm Chasers. Now, when we say “storm chasers,” we do not mean the group of researchers from the movie Twister. Storm chasers or roofing gypsies are out of town roofers and roofing contractors who follow storms into town, seeking work.

These roofers will blanket an area, offering their services, and completing FREE roof inspections. The part they do not tell you is that they know the insurance companies in the area, know how they work, and immediately give your home the cheapest roof and roof work that they can. Cheap does not sound bad, but we are not talking cheap price. We’re talking cheap quality. Cheap quality means your home is not ready to take on the next storm and will likely be damaged further. On top of that, storm chasers do not repair any preexisting or notable damage that should be fixed at the time of roof repair.

What can you do to avoid this? Do your research! You need a roofing contractor who is local that you can rely on. Always check licenses and insurance too. Many storm chasers will not be licensed or have a lapse in their insurance. Roofing contractors must have insurance, otherwise you are liable for them.

If you have any storm damage in the Haverhill, MA area, give us a call today at (978) 361-6129.