Fixing A Roof Leak

If you are handy and don’t choose to hire a professional roofer for some reason, here are some things you need to know about fixing a roof leak.

First, safety is important. When fixing a roof leak, you must be careful climbing on your roof. Especially if you have a steep roof. In the case of a steep roof, being completely safe means using a tether of some kind. On any other roof, be careful where you step and be certain to wear shoes that allow you to grip the shingles.

Second, in fixing a roof leak you must learn to ‘think like water’. In other words, the place you notice the leak inside your house may not be, and usually is not, the exact place on your roof where it is leaking.

Water will follow the rafters, underside of the roof, or the sheathing downward from the site of the leak itself. Eventually it will find a place where it begins dripping down onto the interior of your home.

This means you will have to do some investigating to find the actual site of the leak. Fixing a roof leak is not a simple task.

Leaks typically come from shingles that are loose, worn, or broken. Other places leaks can begin include roof flashing around skylights and vents. This flashing can corrode over time or may be poorly sealed.

Third, when fixing a roof leak yourself, go into the attic on a bright, sunny day. Take a flashlight, look for the place where you see the leak, then trace its path upward on your roof to the point of possible leak. Watch for the wetness left by the water flowing downroof.

IMPORTANT: When you’re in the attic fixing a roof leak, please be sure to step only on framing members and not on the insulation or the top of the ceiling below. The latter will not support you.

Once you have the leak closely pinpointed, turn off your light and watch for the place sunlight shines through.

If the weather has been dry for a while, you may have to look for discolorations or staining where the water has left its mark on the wood. If it is still raining when you’re trying your hand at fixing a roof leak, put a container under the drip in the attic and fix the roof after it dries.

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