Metal Roofing Shingles

To continue the discussion about different kinds of shingles for your roof, this month we turn to metal roofing shingles. There are several kinds of metal roofing shingles, and we’ll talk about pros and cons for several of them.

One reason homeowners turn to metal roofing shingles is durability. They can withstand all kinds of weather quite well and will last for many years. In addition, metal roofing shingles can help with your heating and cooling bills.

With increasing technology, these shingles can be designed to emulate just about any other kind of shingle.

You do need to keep in mind metal roofing shingles are more difficult to install than regular shingles. This increases the overall cost of these shingles.

Let’s take a look at different kinds of metal roofing shingles and see what the pluses and minuses are for them.

Copper. Metal roofing shingles made of copper have been called the grandfather of metal shingles. Copper has been used in roofing shingles in many places around the world for many years. In ideal condition, a roof made of copper shingles could last for over 200 years. Metal roofing shingles made of copper are also completely recyclable.

One of the negatives about copper as a roofing shingle has to do with its softness. While this is also a plus because it is a quieter roof, it is subject to damage from severe storms with hail. At the same time, copper will only dent in a hail storm whereas harder metals may actually be punctured with large enough hail.

Other negatives about copper: It is very expensive and the total cost may be more than you want to bear. In addition, copper has the added property of expanding and contracting with temperature swings.

Aluminum. Metal roofing shingles made of aluminum are especially good in coastal locations. Its resistance to the corroding effects of salt make it a better choice for this kind of climate than other metal roofing shingles. Aluminum is a very active metal that responds quickly to atmospheric conditions. The major plus here is that aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form a protective layer of aluminum oxide that keeps deeper layers from corroding.

Most of the time, aluminum shingles are painted because their natural patina that forms due to weathering is not pleasing to the eye.

Cost is the biggest drawback to aluminum. Like copper, it is expensive to use. Because of cost, it is often used in thinner layers than other metals. This is potentially a problem if you live in a region that has high winds or strong storms with hail.

Next month, we’ll take a look at other metal roofing shingles, their pros and cons.

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