Roofing Services

roofing shingles haverhill, maIf you need roofing services in Haverhill, MA, or surrounding areas, give us a call as soon as possible! The longer your damaged roof goes without repair, the more repairs it could need in the end. Don’t rack up a higher bill by waiting to get it fixed. We’ll be happy to send a PMR-approved contractor to your home and take care of any necessary repairs as soon as possible. We also handle new installations if you are looking to upgrade your home’s roof!

Many things can cause roof damage. Has a storm recently passed through your area? Your roof might have taken a pounding from falling hailstones. Maybe a heavy rainstorm left you with a leaky roof. Don’t try to patch it yourself; give our team of professionals a call. High winds can knock down tree branches, or even whole trees! If you’ve been the victim of this sort of calamity, you should call us right away.

Services We Offer

Our contractors provide a wide array of roofing services, including installation, repairs and maintenance. Some of the services they focus on include the following:

There’s no point in waiting longer than you have to to handle repairs, because damaged roofs can be unsightly, inconvenient, and dangerous. Depending on the level of damage the roof has sustained, it could be more prone to collapse. Even a partial cave-in could leave the interior of your home soaked or strewn around – not to mention the danger that a falling roof could pose to the residents of your home! Wet carpet and ceilings are also breeding grounds for mold.

Sometimes, improper installation of a roof can take years off of its life. Other common causes of roof damage are:

  • Poorly-Installed Insulation
  • Birds, Animals, and Insects
  • Poorly-Installed Flashing or Ventilation
  • Overgrown Tree Limbs
  • Standing Water
  • Insufficient Maintenance

roof decking haverhill, maUnforeseen circumstances can leave you with a big problem on your hands – or, rather, over your head! Don’t let your home fall down around you. Just pick up the phone, and let us get a certified team of roofers out to you now so that we can assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs.

We will also be happy to give you advice for maintaining your roof in the future. Contact us at (978) 361-6129 today, and we will give you the very best in roof services in Haverhill, MA, and nearby areas. Roof service is our specialty!