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Georgetown: Shoemakers, Mills, and Molasses

Georgetown originated in 1639, and was settled by the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, who also settled nearby Groveland, MA. Fearing for the future of the tenets of true Puritanism, Rogers took 20 families from England and sailed west to the New World on a ship named “The John“.

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The village often fell prey to raids by Indian tribes, but it continued to grow, eventually adding saw mills and a shoe factory to serve the local populace. In 1838, Georgetown was officially incorporated.

As Georgetown continued to grow, so did its industries. Mills were built to break flax seeds and grind snuff from tobacco leaves. The town produced molasses, and had more than half a dozen mills that produced cider from fermented apples and perry from fermented pears. There was an active blacksmith and leather worker, who made tack for horses and oxen.

Shoes were the most important export from Georgetown. The Little brothers, Benjamin and Joseph, were the first to set up shop as shoemakers. Their method included trading items for coarse footwear in local taverns, and fixing up the shoes to a more wearable state. Shoe factories soon sprung up in the area, and the invention of shoe pegs meant that soles no longer had to be hand-sewn.

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