Snow and Your Roof – 2

Last month we discussed how snow and your roof don’t get along well. This month we continue that discussion.

Something to keep in mind about snow and your roof involves positives come from it, also. One of those positives about snow and your roof comes from its ability to let you know your home is well insulated. When you see snow on your roof that doesn’t melt fast, you know no heat escapes from your attic.

One of the problems with snow and your roof comes when that snow does melt quickly due to heat loss from the attic. That kind of heat transfer doesn’t happen evenly.

When that snow melts where heat is transferred, it re-freezes as it gets to the edges of your roof. This creates ice dams. These are not good for your roof. They tend to bring on roof damage and can create leaks.

Another issue with snow and your roof concerns accumulation. Very heavy snow can wreck your roof. If you live in an area where you regularly get a lot of snow, your roof likely can support about twenty pounds of snow per square foot.

If you get a heavy snow on top of snow that hasn’t completely melted, the snow load will grow very heavy. Roof damage might result.

On the other hand, snow and your roof contains a positive. A good blanket of snow tends to provide some added insulation on your roof as long as your attic contains sufficient insulation.

The type of roof you have also affects the effects of snow and your roof. A well-pitched roof allows the snow to slide off. Closely spaced rafters in your roof adds strength to resist snow load. Also, a roof in a sheltered area allows snow to cover it more evenly instead of being blown into deep drifts.

Low sloping roofs or those next to higher and more steeply pitched roofs where snow can slide off onto them may become vulnerable to snow building up and causing damage.

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