Winterize Your Roofing System

Massachusetts receives wicked snows and cold during winter time. The winter weather can cause massive damage to an unprepared roofing system. With the cold season swiftly on its way, now is the best time to prepare your roofing system for the severe weather to follow. At Price My Roof, we compiled a short list of the best things you can do to complete winterization. Remember, it is always important to remain safe, so ensure you have a spotter for any activities that involve being on your roof.

Winter Preparation List

  • Look At Your Roof: Many times, current damage will be evident by just looking. Worn shingles and damaged tiles can affect the appearance of your roof and compromise your protection. Once you have established there is existing damage, have your local roofer inspect and repair your roof to prevent any further damage.
  • Eliminate Landscape Dangers: While that tree may have been in your front yard forever, you will need to cut down any overhanging limbs. These can break and fall on your house when winds and snow hits.
  • Check Your Attic And Any Caulking: Insulation in your attic needs to allow for cycling of air. Ensure there is enough insulation to prevent invasive species and allow for this cycling. Caulking can be in many locations around your home, but if it is wrinkling, it needs to be replaced.
  • Your Gutters Need Attending: Keep these clean and guarded! When leaves and debris get caught in here, it can prevent water from flowing away from your roof. Water causes wear and damage more than most weather problems.

After you have completed your checks, you should have an experienced roofer repair any damage that may be apparent. For your roofing needs in Haverhill, MA, contact Price My Roofing at (978) 361-6129!